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"El Otro Mundo del Vino"
Amazing and terrific book about that things that never nobody tald you about the wine business.


Gonzalo Gonzalowas born in Logroño, however, he was raised amongst the grape vines of his parents' vineyard in Fuenmayor. After studying biology in León, and oenology at The University of La Rioja, he dedicated himself to travel. In France and Italy he came into contact with various small-scale winemakers who were discovering new varieties of grape vines and methods of production. After success as a winemaker for industrial wineries, Gonzalo left the corporate world of wine behind and gave birth to his more personal project, Orgullo, in 2.003. He can be found giving wine tastings, delivering wine in his "winewagon", and above all in the vineyard where - knowing that after toiling in the fields and winery the precious elixir produced from his succulent, pampered fruit will be worth the wait - he finds peace and quiet.

Mar Cambero Azcáratea.k.a. Mar Mota comes from a long family line of artisans dedicated to the fabrication of large wooden casks in San Vicente. Having studied chemistry and oenology at The University of La Rioja, Mar worked with volatile substances in the laboratory until she suddenly found herself knee-deep in a bevy of mysterious berries, singing and dancing (much like the Portuguese). A lover of fine wines both elegant and subtle, but an enemy of forced reactions and reverse osmosis; Mar is a forerunner in and active believer in biodynamics. Not to be forgotten, she is the head of design in our organization, and loves to be called boss...